A quarterly newsletter, The GreyStone Connection, is mailed with the Georgia Magazine which is sent to your home quarterly. Simply click on a link below to see what exciting things are taking place at your cooperative.

All volumes are PDF documents.

June 2024 ~ Education and Training, A Day of STEM, First Responders EV Training, Board Elections, Electric Lawn Equipment, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, GreyStone Connects First Broadband Customer    

January 2024 ~ Supporting Veterans, Honoring Veterans, A Leadership Opportunity for High School Juniors, Meeting of Members, Don't Waste - Insulate, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, GreyStone Employees Honored for Heroic Efforts

October ~ Fiber of the Future, Scholarship Winners, Capital Credits: Your Check is in the Mail, Board Candidates, GreyStone Nondiscrimination Statement, LED Light Savings, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Join Us for the 86th Annual Meeting  

June 2023 ~ Our GO Program, GreyStone Connect, Leading the Charge, Gary Miller Receives the Curtis Wynn Diversity Champion Award, Board Elections, Summer Laundry Savings, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Schooled on Safety

January 2023 ~ High-Speed Service, Community Partners, The Leadership Experience of a Lifetime, High-Speed Internet Coming to Underserved Areas, Meeting of Members, Electric Vehicle Rebates, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, GreyStone Employees Honored for Heroic Efforts

October 2022 ~ A Return to Tradition, Scholarship Winners, GreyStone Gives, Board Candidates, GreyStone Nondiscrimination Statement, Water Heater Rebates, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Join Us for the 85th Annual Meeting

June 2022 ~ Solar Leaders, Economic Development, Is Rooftop Solar Right for You?, Board Elections, Ceiling Fan Tips, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Local nonprofit impacted by GreyStone grant

January 2022 ~ Our Future Lineworkers, Scholarships Available, Training the Next Generation of Linemen, Youth Tour Goes Virtual, Meeting of Members, Space Heater Issues,Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Three Employees Honored for Heroic Efforts

  • October 2021 ~ A Trusted Energy Advisor, Scholarship Winners, Considering Solar?, Board Election Candidates, GreyStone Nondiscrimination Statement,Power Strip Tips, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Join Us for the 84th Annual Meeting 
  • June 2021 ~ Safety on the Line, Ribbon-Cutting, Safety on the Go, Support Local Businesses, Board Elections, Summer Energy Savings, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Clean Energy Collaboration
  • January 2021 ~ A Win-Win Move, Supporting Veterans, New Year, New Location, Local Youth Tour Delegates to Receive Scholarships, Meeting of Members, Winter Energy Savings, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  • October 2020 ~ Progress Continues, Excellence Award, Capital Credits: Your Check is in the Mail, Update on New Headquarters, GreyStone Nondiscrimination Statement, Second Nature, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Join Us for the Virtual Annual Meeting
  • June 2020 ~ Making Things Better, Scholarship Winner, Maintaining Right-of-Way, Support Local Businesses, Board Elections, GreyStone Marketplace, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, GreyStone Power Gives Back in the Midst of COVID-19
  • January 2020 ~ The Co-op Difference, International Rodeo Winners, Washington Youth Tour, Money Back Credit, Georgia EMC Lifesaving Awards, Annual Meeting, GreyStone Marketplace, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, GreyStone Power: EMC of the Year
  • October 2019 ~ Groundbreaking Service, J.D. Power Winner, Breaking Ground for a Brighter Future, Board Election Candidates, GreyStone Nondiscrimination Statement, Energy 101 Seminar, Improving Service for GreyStone Members, Don't Miss the Annual Meeting, Dear GreyStone Power Member
  • June 2019 ~ Creating Safety Awareness, Community Support, The Next Generation & Electrical Safety, Storm Safety, Relax In The Savings, Board Elections, Steps For Summer Savings, Improving Service For GreyStone Members, Go Paperless, Move Over, Cheer Them On, Your Savings Connection
  • January 2019 ~ Your Savings Connection, Breaking Ground, New Board Member, Washington Youth Tour, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, Savings You Can Feel, Meeting of Members, Keep Your HVAC System In Check, Improving Service, Saving Lives, Going The Extra Mile
  • October 2018 ~ GreyStone Gives, Cooperative Solar, GreyStone employee, daughter help raise funds for WSB Care-a-Thon, A Rebate Resource, Improving Service For GreyStone Members, Board Elections, Statement of Nondiscrimination, Don't miss the Annual Meeting
  • June 2018 ~ A Storm To Remember, Cooperative Solar, Making Life Better, Together We Serve, CCC, Board Elections, Earn A $100 Rebate, Improving Service, Linemen face the storm aftermath
  • January 2018 ~ It's Time To Talk Safety, Cooperative Solar, Washington Youth Tour 2017, Honoring our veterans and warriors, Meeting of Members, Control energy costs, Improving service for GreyStone Members, Small Change, Big Difference
  • October 2017 ~ Co-op Connections Card, New Solar On The Horizon, Solar Sign-ups Continue, EE101, Improve Service For GreyStone Members, You Can Win $2,000, Board Election Candidates, Notice of Proposed Amendment To Bylaws
  • April 2017 ~ Around GreyStone Solar Dashboard, Providing Reliable Power, Board Elections, FilterEasy, Leaving A Legacy, Becoming A Lineman, Powering Our Community
  • January 2017 ~ Around GreyStone Cooperative Solar, Washington Youth Tour, 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Co-op Connections Card, Efficiency 101 Thermostat Control, A Safety Lifestyle
  • October 2016 ~ Have you missed out on 20 years of savings? Join GEMC FCU!, You’re invited, Solar Made Easy
  • April 2016 ~ Reduced rates = more money in your wallet, Home improvement time, Member savings, Board elections are around the corner, Clipping the bucks
  • January 2016 ~ A vision cast 50 years ago still burns, Winter Safety, A little help goes a long way, decades of fond memories
  • July 2015 ~ Value – What does it really mean?, GreyStone gearing up for elections, Employees making a difference.
  • April 2015 ~  A little action goes a long way, GreyStone board seeks new directors, Employees making a difference.
  • January 2015 ~ Students aspire to dream bigger, Fill ‘er up… or pay as you go, Employees making a difference.  
  • July 2014 ~ International showplace for energy efficiency, EPA releases long-awaited rule on power plants, A day in history.
  • April 2014 ~ Free home energy audits help GreyStone Power members, Local businesses are the key to success.
  • January 2014 Washington Youth Tour.
  • July 2013 WIIFM: What’s in it for me?, Improved CFL bulbs shine bright for the future.
  • April 2013 Preparation vs. reaction: Do you have a game plan?, GreyStone Board prepares for election.
  • January 2013 Summer trips impact youth for over half a century, Self-service offers winning opportunity.