Local businesses are an essential piece of the Co-op Connections Card program

Become an essential piece of the Co-op Connections® Card program! It’s easy to join, and best of all, it’s FREE! With more than 250 local businesses, and hundreds more participating nationally, this discount program can provide you a win-win opportunity.

In exchange for your participation, you will receive a number of benefits. Upon enrolling, you and your employees will receive a Co-op Connections Card that you can begin using personally, allowing you to take advantage of the Healthy Savings program, local and national discounts and online shopping discounts. Though this is not insurance, your business could use the card to supplement other health care benefits you provide by offering your employees discounts on prescriptions, vision, hearing, dental, chiropractic and lab and imaging services. Through this powerful discount card, GreyStone members have saved over $2.3 million in prescription savings alone!

A second benefit you will receive is FREE advertising. Your discount will be listed in multiple news outlets to over 119,000 GreyStone Power members! Upon joining the program, your business will be added to the site, making it available to all, either online or through the Co-op Connections app. Each fall, a complete business listing is printed and mailed to all members, in addition to being made available online and passed out to members attending the Annual Meeting. 

In return for your participation, we ask that the offer you select be a unique discount for our members alone. This means it can not be the same offer that is used in a local paper or other advertisement.

Here’s how the program works:

Start by completing and returning the participant agreement. Then, visit and create a login using the same email address listed on the participant agreement. A verification email will be sent to this email address in order to complete your online registration. Once this is complete and you have submitted your participant agreement, please email to notify your CCC coordinator so that your email address can be connected to your online account. After your access has been granted, you will then have the ability to update and upload information about your business and make changes to your offer in the future with the help of our Business Enrollment User Guide.

If you have additional questions about signing up your business, call 770-370-2436. Become an essential piece of the program and start saving yourself! Together we save!

Participation is easy and should help give you a marketing advantage!

Participant Agreement 


NOTE: The participation contract file is a PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader(PC & Mac) or Preview(Mac) to view the contract. Should you need a copy you can download it from Adobe’s site. Click this link to visit their site and download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

Benefits of joining the program:

Value for employees with Healthy Savings discounts

Discounts on travel