You’re stuck at work and a storm is passing near your home. Lightning may strike at any moment, causing a power surge that could damage or destroy your TV, personal computer and other everyday electrical appliances in your home. Do you panic, sitting on needles until the storm has passed? Not if you’ve invested in GreyStone Power’s SurgeMaster Plus program.


A power surge is a rush of high-voltage electricity that can cause harm to electrical, electromechanical and electronic equipment. The most recognized cause for a power surge is lightning. Since Georgia is faced with a substantial amount of thunderstorms each year, surge protection is a concern for every Georgia homeowner and consumer. But lightning is by no means the major cause of power surges. They may also be caused by birds, animals and trees interfering with power lines, auto accidents involving utility poles, neighbors using major power equipment, faulty home wiring and many other factors.

Each home experiences hundreds of potentially damaging power surges per year. Home appliances, personal computers, heating and air conditioning equipment, cable and telephones, which depend on electricity, are sensitive to these surges. To enable you to minimize the risk to your appliances and home equipment from possible power surges caused by sudden and unexpected increases in voltage fluctuation, GreyStone Power is offering our SurgeMaster Plus program.

This program is not insurance. It’s not foolproof. But it is proven to reduce your risk of loss should a power surge come your way. Surge protection can extend the lifetime of sensitive electronic equipment by protecting it against harmful power surges. And SurgeMaster Plus offers ‘Three Point’ surge protection. With our professional installation of the SurgeMaster Plus equipment for a one-time cost of $60*, not only will we provide protection at your meter, but we will also provide surge protectors at your phone connection and cable or satellite TV connection. And we provide this protection and peace of mind through what we believe are the best products on the market, TESCO.

  • Protection for electronics and appliances
  • Protection for phone and satellite/cable line
  • State-of-the-art starter kit equipment from TESCO, the nation’s leading surge protection provider
  • TESCO’s warranty, should a TESCO device receive a surge and fail to protect your equipment; direct lightning strikes excluded.

* Professional installation cost of $60 may be paid in three installments on your electric bill. Credit approval is required.

For information about how SurgeMaster plus can work for you, call 770.370.2070, email, complete our web form or visit GreyStone’s office for the friendly service you’ve come to expect at GreyStone.

SurgeMaster Plus Application