What are capital credits?

Each year, GreyStone returns a portion of prior years’ margins (known as profits in a for-profit business) to members and former members. Capital credits checks, mailed every fall (around Oct. 1), represent a portion of the margins from the most recent year and the oldest previous year(s). In 2023, checks will be mailed on Oct. 2. 

The amount is determined by the portions of your energy use. GreyStone has returned $182.2 million in capital returns to members since 1936, and the latest (2023) installment amount returning to members for their investment in the cooperative is $12 million for the years 2003, 2004 and 2022. Only those receiving power from GreyStone in those years will receive a check. 

To learn more about capital credits and to find out what happens to unclaimed balances, visit our Capital Credits Q&A page.