One of the guiding principles of GreyStone Power is giving back to the communities we serve. This supports the cooperative principle of Concern for Community and is at the heart of everything that GreyStone does.

In the summer of 2018, the co-op expanded on that principle by creating GreyStone Gives, an employee community service initiative. The program allows GreyStone employees eight hours a year to volunteer with a 501(c)(3) charitable organization within its service area. Employees can volunteer on their own or through group coordinated events offered throughout the year.

“GreyStone Gives was an effort to expand GreyStone’s commitment to the community we serve by allowing every employee an opportunity to serve in the community,” says Rita Wilson, human resources manager at GreyStone. “Prior to this initiative, it was mostly the members of the Senior/Extended Leadership teams that served the community by sitting on various boards throughout our service area.”

Some examples of projects that employees have completed include collecting school supplies for the Douglas County School System’s school supply donation drive and helping clean up, paint and pressure-wash one of the S.H.A.R.E. House facilities. According to GreyStone Gives volunteer and member services representative Ana Ventura, the program not only benefits the community, but also the employees who volunteer.

“GreyStone Gives helps create inclusion and build strong community bonds,” Ventura says. “I enjoy the opportunity to learn valuable skills, get closer to co-workers and meet new people.”