GreyStone Power Corporation has always been involved with promoting economic development with the communities we serve. We are actively involved with our local Chambers of Commerce and are constantly working with the industrial building authorities to attract new industries and grow existing ones. This provides jobs for our membership and the communities we serve.

Customer Choice: YOU have the power! The Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act of 1973 resulted in the assignment of exclusive power supply areas throughout the state. The Georgia Electric Membership Cooperatives were assigned 71% of the state’s land area, but there are exceptions to these assignments that offer some new customer/members the choice of their power supplier, regardless of the assigned territory. Once a customer/member chooses a power supplier, that commitment is made for the lifetime of the facility to be served. For more details and to see if your project qualifies for customer choice, contact Wayne Glover at 770.370.2296 or contact our commercial marketing team at 770.370.2072.

Power Rates: As a member-owned utility, GreyStone Power’s bottom line is its membership. Therefore, our rate structure does not include profits for stockholders, but competitive rates that only cover the cost of doing business. Anything left over (margins) is returned to the members.

Power Supply: Our wholesale power supplier, Oglethorpe Power Corporation (OPC), is the largest generation and transmission cooperative in the nation in terms of assets, kilowatt hours sold, land area and customers served. GreyStone is a suburban electric cooperative, with excellent facilities and a modern, highly maintained system. In addition, GreyStone shops the open market for reasonably-priced wholesale power.

Site Selection: If you are looking for an available building or property to build on, GreyStone can provide you with whatever you are looking for. We can even get your available building/site listed with the state agencies that can give it the exposure that really counts, all this at no cost. We utilize the resources of our statewide economic development organization, which is part of Georgia Electric Membership Organization (GEMC). GEMC is owned by the electric cooperatives of Georgia.

See how our capabilities are enhanced at the following link: GEMC Economic Development. For more details contact Wayne Glover at 770.370.2296.