The GreyStone Prepaid program allows members to:

  • Say goodbye to deposits, late fees and monthly bills
  • Customize a payment schedule
  • Buy electricity when convenient
  • Monitor consumption

Ready to start? Complete this online application to start new or transfer to prepaid service.

What is Prepaid Metering?

Prepaid is a plan that offers the opportunity to pay when you want, in the amounts you want. Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill each month, usage is calculated daily. Prepaid members never pay any late charges, disconnect or reconnect fees. For initial service, members purchase a minimum of $75 of Prepaid electric service for daily usage, and pay any applicable one-time fees.

Is Prepaid the right choice for me?

Would it be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large payment each month? If so, Prepaid metering may be for you.

Statistics indicate prepaid electricity programs help lower electric consumption due to the member’s increased awareness of usage patterns. Therefore, any member interested in monitoring and lowering his or her electricity use would potentially benefit from the Prepaid program.

When will I receive a low balance alert?

When you set up your Prepaid account, you will set the balance at which you will begin to receive low balance alerts.

What if my Prepaid account runs low?

First of all, you will receive a low balance alert via the method you choose (email and/or text message). This will give you time to purchase power before the meter actually stops. If you do not purchase more power, the meter will stop, and the power will turn off. However, purchasing more power is quick and easy, even on weekends and holidays. Once a payment is made, your power will reconnect fairly quickly.

I have a traditional post-paid account, can I switch to Prepaid?

Yes! You can switch to a Prepaid account even if you already have service with GreyStone Power. Any existing security deposit will be applied to your account prior to converting to Prepaid. Complete this online application to convert your account.

How do I make payments?

Payments may be made at a GreyStone office Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., or 24-7, 365 days a year by debit/credit cards and e-checks by logging into your account, or paying at one of our payment kiosks.

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