Please note that this is not a complete list of all fees or charges that may be assessed by GreyStone Power. These fees are exclusive of electrical usage, monthly service fees, or other charges, and are subject to change without notice.

  • Membership Fee – $10
  • Connect/Processing Fee - $22
  • Connect Temporary Service - $50 (To existing temporary pole.)
  • Connect New Service After Hours - $35 (Connections scheduled outside normal business hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Additional Overtime Charge for Reconnection - $40

Important Information Regarding After-Hours Reconnections for Non-Prepaid Accounts


Normal reconnection hours for non-Prepaid accounts are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.


When you make a payment Monday through Friday prior to 4 p.m. to have service restored the same day, there is no after-hours overtime charge. Payments made after 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday or from 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday may be reconnected same day, but these instances will incur a forty-dollar ($40) after-hours overtime charge that will appear on the next bill.

  • *Reconnection of Electrical Service at the Meter following Disconnection for Non-Payment - $45 (Combined disconnect and reconnect charges.)
  • *Trip Charge for On-Site Notification of Pending Disconnection for Non-Payment - $20 (Assessed only if payment is made prior to disconnection.)
  • *Crew/Trip Charge for Disconnection at the Pole of Electrical Service for Non-Payment – $135
  • *Crew/Trip Charge for Reconnection at the Pole of Electrical Service for Non-Payment – $135
  • Returned Payment - $25 (Check, e-check, credit/debit card, or auto draft returned by financial institution as unpaid.) Meridian Cooperative is our payment processor. Should an e-check not be honored by your bank, returned check fees may be charged by your bank, Meridian Cooperative, and GreyStone Power.
  • Late Payment Fee - 5% of past due balance for electric service.
  • Trip Charge for Manual Meter Read - $20 (Assessed monthly when smart meter installation is refused.)
  • Investigation for Tampering or Theft 
    • 1st  Tampering/Theft Incident–$150 Minimum plus Investigation Fee $100
      • First incident where GreyStone Power identifies tampering and/or theft of seal and meter.  Service is subject to be disconnected at the pole.  All fees must be paid before restoration of service.
    • 2nd Tampering/Theft Incident– $250 Minimum plus Investigation Fee $100
      • Second incident where GreyStone Power identifies tampering and/or theft of seal and/or meter.  Service is subject to be disconnected at the pole.  All fees must be paid before restoration of service.
    • Meter Replacement/Damage Fee–$350
    • Tampering Repair Fee - Amount will vary depending on the cost GreyStone Power incurs to repair all service lines and equipment, including labor.

In addition to the investigation for tampering/theft fees, GreyStone Power may seek restitution for energy diverted and/or property damaged and may pursue legal action where it deems appropriate.

  • Crew Required for Same Day Connection/Reconnection 
    • During normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - $135
    • After hours: Monday through Thursday, 5:01 p.m. – 7:59 a.m.; Friday 5:01 p.m. through Monday 7:59 a.m. - $205
  • Residential Meter Test - $50 (Member-requested meter testing. Fee will be waived if it is found to be defective.)
  • Commercial Meter Test - $50 (Member-requested meter testing.)
  • Install Outdoor Light - $25 Minimum
  • Connect an existing Outdoor Light - $25 per light
  • Install a Pole for a Outdoor Light – $610 Minimum for above ground drop; $1,290 minimum for underground service

Call for other commercial service fees and rates

(The above fees are exclusive of monthly service charges, energy charges, wholesale power cost adjustments, nor commercial demand, capacity coincident & non-coincident peak, fuel or facility charges, and are subject to change without notice.)

*Reasons for non-payment disconnections:

  • Unpaid Past Due Balance
  • Broken Payment Arrangement
  • Returned Payment (i.e., check, credit card, bank draft, etc.)

A security deposit may be required at the initial request to start service. If service has been disconnected for non-payment, an additional deposit may be required. Reconnection fee and any past due balance must be paid prior to reconnection of service.

  • Residential (Apartment, Townhouse, Mobile Home) – $250 Minimum
  • Residential (Single Family Dwelling) –$220 or $360 Minimum, depending on Credit Score and other factors
  • Residential Temporary Meter – $250/Location Minimum
  • Commercial (New) – $500/Location Minimum (Increment depends on square footage, usage history, and estimate of consumption for specific commercial usage.)
  • Commercial (Real Estate Agents, Landlords) – $250 Minimum for Residential Premises
  • Builders, Developers, Other Commercial Services - Call for deposit quote

Third Party Fees for Non-Auto-Draft E-checks and Non-Auto-Draft Credit Card Payments Placed Online at or by Phone or App

GreyStone Power does not receive any benefit, profit, or compensation from the charging of these payment processing fees by our third-party payment service provider.

  • $3.50 for each increment of $600.00 per credit card payment or $2.50 per e-check payment is charged to members through use of online bill pay or automated phone bill pay. To use a check by phone, an e-check profile is required and can be set up on the member portal through

To clarify when/how convenience fees are charged:

When paying a bill that is not an Invoice bill (no invoice number on the bill stub):

  • Each account must be paid individually via phone, app or portal with $3.50 convenience charge per account for each increment of $600.00.
  • No fee is charged at a kiosk or with cashier on-site. (Cashiers only accept cash or paper check.)

If the bill is an Invoice bill (there is an invoice number on the bill stub):

  • If paying through the member portal: Make payment using the Invoice tab and only one $3.50 fee is charged on the transaction.
  • Invoice tab will only appear if member receives an invoice bill.
  • IMPORTANT: An e-check profile set up is required through the member portal, prior to using phone system to pay by checking account

Ways to avoid convenience fee(s):

  • Auto Draft using checking account or credit/debit card (Set up Auto Draft and E-check Profile on member portal)
  • Mail a check with stub in envelope provided
  • For E-bill since no stub available: write account number(s) on check prior to mailing
  • Pay at any kiosk location with cash, check, or credit/debit card (no money orders)
  • Pay on-site with cashier using cash or paper check