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GreyStone offers members several rebates to help with the expense of conversions or energy innovations.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Rebate: GreyStone offers a $250 rebate for residential members who purchase a Level 2 charger and have it installed (hardwired) at their home. 1 rebate per household. 


  • Purchase receipt within the last 90 days for the charger.
  • Photo proof of charger installation.
  • Charger must be UL rated.
  • *** NEMA 14-50 Adapters DO NOT qualify for this program.***

To request a EV charger rebate, please complete this form: click here to complete the form.

Click here for a tool to find electric vehicle rebates, tax credits and other incentives that may apply to your purchase or lease of an electric vehicle. 

ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat Program: GreyStone offers members the ability to purchase a smart thermostat from the GreyStone Power Marketplace. In the Marketplace you will find discounts on smart thermostats and more.  

Gas to electric conversion rebates: Some residential members may be interested in converting gas water heaters and furnaces to electric due to rising costs of natural gas and propane. GreyStone has two rebates available for members who convert from gas to electric.

  • If the requirements are met the member becomes eligible for either a $200 or $400 rebate after converting a water heater from gas to electric. Also, members become eligible for either a $300 (Non Energy Star Rated) or $600 (Energy Star Rated) rebate when changing from gas heat to an electric heat pump or dual fuel.

To request a gas to electric conversion rebate, please complete this form: click here to complete the form.

Propane Water Heater Replaced with Electric

  • Rebate of $500 for water heater with 12 year or better limited warranty
  • Rebate of $300 for water heater with less than 12 -year limited warranty
  • Rebate of $500 for Marathon or Heat Pump water heater

To request a gas to electric water heater rebate, please complete this form: click here to complete the form.

Please take a moment and review these requirements. It is the member’s responsibility to complete these conversions on their own or with the help of outside contractors (GreyStone is not involved in electric conversions).

After the conversion is completed, a Residential Energy Consultant will inspect the conversion to ensure that all requirements are completed. At that point the rebate will be processed for the member.

Members who have completed the conversion process should call 770-370-2070. Please note that these rebates are for residential members only.