Start Commercial Service

Start Commercial Service

Start Commercial Service

To establish a brand new commercial account please contact our office at 770-942-6576. A trained representative will speak with you one-on-one about establishing new service and review the required documentation needed to process your request.

You will be asked to provide:

1.    Fax or email address to receive a Commercial Application Packet

2.    Completed Application signed by an officer of the company 

3.    Articles of Incorporation (if incorporated) or Articles of Organization (if LLC or LP) registered with the State of Georgia (or other issuing state).

4.    Letter of authorized personnel signed by an officer of the company.

5.    Deposit – all commercial accounts are required to pay a deposit

When you receive the membership application:

  • Print, complete and sign the application
  • Return a scanned copy of the completed application and requested documents :
    • By fax  to 770-370-2048
    • Via email by replying back to the original email from GreyStone Power:
    • Or mail to PO Box 897, Douglasville GA, 30133.
  • The quoted deposit must be paid at the time of application by cash, check, credit/debit card, or a surety bond. If you elect to obtain a surety bond please make sure it is a non-expiring bond. There is a $3.50 processing fee for credit card payments and $2.50 processing fee for check payments.

Prospective members will no longer be able to request a Commercial Application online.

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