Levelized Billing Plan

Levelized Billing Plan

Levelized Billing Plan

Do you have problems budgeting each month with a fluctuating power bill? GreyStone may have an answer with our Levelized Billing plan. The plan lets members level out their monthly electric costs over a 12-month period, and it’s offered as a convenience to qualified residential members (see eligibility below).

If you would like to apply for the plan, simply click here to fill out the online application.

Who is eligible for the plan?

  • Prepaid accounts are not eligible.
  • A member’s account must have a zero balance and have a minimum of twelve (12) months’ history before it is eligible to be put on average/levelized billing.
  • A member’s account must not have more than two late payments in the last twelve (12) months. Each month the member must pay the full average billing amount by the due date to remain on the plan. Partial payments or past due payments automatically disqualify an account and normal billing will resume.
  • Once a member is taken off of the plan, they must wait a year before applying to be in the program again.

How does levelized billing work?

  • A member’s monthly bill will be an average amount based on actual usage for the current month and the previous 11 months. By paying the average amount billed each month, members don’t have to worry about sharp seasonal increases which often come with extreme weather changes.
  • GreyStone takes the current month’s bill amount and adds it to the most recent 11 months bill, then divides the total amount by 12. Then sales tax is added and the result is what the member is billed.
  • During the summer, members will usually be paying less than their actual bill. The excess is moved to the winter months, when members in the plan will usually pay more than their actual bill to level out the payments.
  • It’s a rotating average, so members don’t have to worry about a ‘catch-up’ month.
  • The calculation is done every month, so the average billing amount will change each month.

Questions? Please call us at 770.942.6576 or email us at memberservices@greystonepower.com.

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