Energy Education

Energy Education

GreyStone provides several ways to educate students in our coverage area about electricity, including speaking to classrooms about safety, providing tours of our facilities for small groups and an interactive energy education website.

Kid’s Korner

This energy education tool is a great resource for students, parents and teachers alike. The web site provides fun, in-depth information about power generation with important safety tips. These facts are presented in an interactive setting suitable for children of all ages. There are also downloadable materials for students to work on at home. Click here to experience Kid’s Korner!

Touchstone Energy Kids Zone is a cool place to learn about electricity, energy savings and electrical safety. Learning about energy has never been so easy. Join the fun Touchstone Energy Kids Zone!

Safety City

To teach children how to stay safe around electricity, GreyStone offers ‘Safety City.’ A representative will visit area groups/classrooms with a model of a city where different safety violations are taking place. From a kite causing an arc from a power line to children playing too close to a transformer, Safety City is an interactive tool designed to make children aware of the dangers of electricity. For a demonstration call Jarred Stevens at 770.370.2435.

Meet your linemen and learn about electricity!

A favorite request is the chance to have a GreyStone bucket truck on display outside a school with linemen speaking to students about their career. Teachers interested in having GreyStone participate in a touch a truck day or give a safety demonstration may call Rita Harris at 770.370.2290. To request participation in Career Day, call James Wright at 770.370.2290.

Green Power EMC Energy Education Program

GreyStone’s Green Power EMC Energy Education Program is the first statewide academic program to demonstrate solar energy’s features, providing students with a hands-on example of renewable energy generation.

Through a partnership between Hiram High School and GreyStone Power, a 1-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system tied to the electricity grid is installed at the school. Real-time monitoring shows the benefits of solar energy and provides education opportunities in the class room. Since schools are at the center of most communities, the benefits spread beyond the campus, giving many people their first glimpse at renewable energy production. For more information, contact Wayne Glover at 770.370.2296.

Go Green Power

Green Power EMC offers a renewable energy program to elementary and middle school students that makes learning about green power entertaining and educational. Go Green Power helps students discover the differences between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources while studying hydro, solar, wind and biomass power generation.

Activities include finding hidden electricity users in the home, a hands-on demonstration of solar power, a step-by-step guide to hydroelectric generation and an explanation on how biomass can be turned into energy. Go Green Power helps students understand the importance of renewable energy as part of a utility’s generation mix and shows student how they can conserve energy in their homes. For more information, contact Adam Elrod at 770.370.2383.

Don’t miss these great links for students to learn more about electricity!

  • Dr. E’s Energy Lab: A resource of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy division of the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Energy Kid’s Page: A fun resource from the Energy Information Administration with guides for teachers, a glossary of energy terms and much more!
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