David Hagenow

David Hagenow

Board Member David HagenowDavid Hagenow of Powder Springs, an IBM employee with nearly three decades of financial planning and accounting experience, has been serving on GreyStone's Board since 2016, and currently serves as secretary-treasurer of GreyStone’s board

In accordance with GreyStone by-laws, a seat that is vacated is replaced by the Nominating Committee. All members of District 3 were advised that a seat was open and that they were eligible if they met the qualifications. Six candidates were interviewed and Hagenow was selected.

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Hagenow served for 3 ½ years with training in power generation. He graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelor of science and earned a master’s degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Hagenow, who retired from IBM Dec. 31, created, measured and reported on expense and resource budgets for IBM Global, worked as team lead/forecast coordinator for North America IBM and has certification in Certified Management Accounting.

“My desire is to make GreyStone the lowest cost and safest provider of electricity in Georgia. We must balance outstanding service with affordable rates for all of our members,” said Hagenow.

“The linemen are key to keeping our supply of energy flowing safely and consistently. GreyStone must provide good, safe and up-to-date equipment for them, along with on-going education, to maintain great member satisfaction. But we must also balance this outstanding service with affordable rates for all of our members.

“By diversifying our sources of electrical energy and good budgeting, we can continue to provide safe, affordable energy,” he said. “In addition, my background in financial planning and analysis will ensure GreyStone makes good strategic decisions on financing future investments. I look forward to helping the team make good fiscal decisions.”

GreyStone provides power and other services to 110,000 members in portions of eight counties west of Atlanta.

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